Our Services

  • CNC Machining
    – We have 3-axis machining centers where we offer: fast and accurate milling of shaped surfaces, 3D surfaces, precise drilling, boring, thread cutting, reaming, etc …
  • Conventional Machining
    – Machining on classic machines
  • Surface Grinding
    – Grinding of planar surfaces
  • Round Grinding
    – External and internal surface grinding
  • Material Cutting
    – We have a BOMAR brand saw, the saw is designed for cutting material in perpendicular and angular cuts, angular cuts are continuously adjustable from 0 to +60 degrees.
  • Engraving and marking of products
    – Based on the drawing documentation, we mark our products with micro-impact marking
  • Assembly and completion of ordered assemblies
    – We will ensure the delivery of the ordered sets together with the parts that need to be procured, then their assembly and delivery to the customer as a finished set.
  • Control and Measurement
    “When guaranteeing quality machining, it is important to capture the details!”
    – That is why we have: – Common workshop gauges (digital calipers, micrometers, pasameters and other …)
    – Calipers (cylindrical gauges, thread gauges, calibration rings, precision washers and various other …)
    – Mitutoyo LH-600 linear 2D altimeter
    – According to the customer’s requirements, we also ensure the issuance of measurement protocols
    – We can also provide comprehensive measurement of products on a 3D measuring device with an output protocol.
  • Heat Treatment
    – We offer: Hardening, Cementing, Nitriding, Nitrocementing and other …
  • Surface Treatment
    – We offer: Blackening, Zinc plating, Chrome plating, Anodizing, Chemical nickel plating and other …

For a better presentation of our activities, see the section Gallery, or do not hesitate to contact us with your demand.